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Registered Nurse Prescribing Practicum

This course aims to provide final praxis requirement for Registered Nurses (RNs) who seek endorsement as a 'Designated Prescriber - Registered Nurse' with the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

Course Code NURS824
Level 8
Credits 30


Undertake a comprehensive clinical assessment that will lead to the development of a provisional diagnosis and will inform medication management, including identifying risk factors that may impact on medication compliance and monitoring.

Generate and interpret diagnostic tests that will support confirmation of a diagnosis and the development of a clinical management plan that includes prescribing medications in accordance with the area of practice.

Collaborate with the inter-disciplinary team with regard to assessment findings, confirm the treatment plan with an authorised prescriber as appropriate, provide appropriate patient education on medication and clinical condition, and manage referrals and communications with other health professionals as appropriate.

Using a holistic approach, develop and maintain effective relationships with the client/patient, family/whanau and the multi-disciplinary team, co-ordinating care between services and other health professionals as appropriate.

Review the patient's/client's progress on a regular basis, frequency being based on ongoing assessment of condition and response to medication, working within an evidence based paradigm and ensuring that ethical and quality practice standards are observed.

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