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Advanced Practice to Support Child and Family Health

This course aims to draw on students' developing knowledge and understanding of children (tamariki), youth (rangatahi) and families (whanau) to examine the child/youth within the family as the centre of health care from a wide range of perspectives and disciplines.

Course Code NURS806
Level 8
Credits 30


Identify determinants and priority issues that influence the health and wellbeing of tamariki, rangatahi and their whānau, supported by relevant literature.

Apply advanced health practice skills in taking care of tamariki, rangatahi and their whānau with consideration of relevant legislation, regulations, ethics and policies.

Articulate the scope of advanced practice for health professionals providing leadership, advocacy and empowerment for whānau in relation to their health concerns.

Apply advanced understanding of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapeutic considerations for children and young people.