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Business Heritage Culture and Sustainability

The aim of this course is to develop and enhance the students' awareness and knowledge of New Zealand in terms of its history, heritage and commercial development by exploring key historical events that have occurred within this cultural, political and social framework. This course will develop the students' understanding of how culture, heritage and commerce are contributing to the development of New Zealand society and why and how these values and qualities should be protected and enhanced for future generations

Course Code AMBH500
Level 5
Credits 15


Examine the significance and contribution of Maori culture to New Zealand business.

Examine the significant pioneers of history and the important social events that have occurred in New Zealand's past and demonstrate how these events have contributed to the development of contemporary New Zealand society.

Discuss the uniqueness of New Zealand from a cultural and environmental perspective and discuss the importance of sustainable resource use and conservation.

Discuss changes that have occurred in New Zealand in terms of heritage management, culture awareness and the social framework and describe the tension between preserving natural resources and protecting New Zealand's cultural heritage and allowing the transformation of its physical and cultural environment to facilitate economic development.

Discuss New Zealand's position within the global community and the effect that internationalisation has had on the business sector in New Zealand.

Discuss factors in New Zealand's current cultural, social and political environment that may influence business and potentially bring about changes in New Zealand's society within the next decade.