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Food Safety

Madras Street, Timaru

This course covers an introduction to Food safety, with practical and knowledge skills, integrating practises for safe food delivery, preparation, cooking, and serving.

The content covers workplace personal presentation and hygiene standards, as well as identifying hazards and how to implement strategies to control them.

You will also get hands on experience on how to prepare high risk food to prevent contamination. Within the session you will learn how to measure, record and act on temperatures for high risk foods.

The dress standards for the practical work in this course requires you to wear what you would in your workplace and/ or a commercial kitchen. This includes comfortable soled closed in shoes.

  • Maintain personal hygiene; demonstrate knowledge of contamination hazards and skills to prevent cross contamination when working with food.
  • Measure, record and act on temperature of high risk food.
Course Code FDSF200
Level 2
Credits 4
Estimated Time 2 Weeks
Cost $190

Please note: You may be charged a portion of the Compulsory Student Services Fee that supports our services available to students. For full information on the Compulsory Student Services Fee, visit fees and finance.

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Food Safety - Christchurch
Start date: 03 March 2021
Food Safety - Timaru
Start date: 24 March 2021
Food Safety - Christchurch
Start date: 30 June 2021
Food Safety - Timaru
Start date: 18 August 2021