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Less is more: Modern Business Communications

Madras Street

Learn how to write a professional business document to get the right message across.

Whether you’re writing proposals, reports or emails, it’s critical that you can communicate clearly, concisely and effectively so your audience understands your message. This workshop will help you develop professional communication skills.

You’ll learn to think before you write, be direct, avoid jargon and cluttered thinking, ensure each word contributes to your message, eliminate unnecessary words and sentences, proof your writing for accuracy and read what you’ve written through critical eyes.

Course Code DBBW001
Estimated Time 6 Hours

Please note: You may be charged a portion of the Compulsory Student Services Fee that supports our services available to students. For full information on the Compulsory Student Services Fee, visit fees and finance.

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Less is more: Modern Business Communications - May 2023 - Christchurch
Start date: 23 May 2023
Less is more: Modern Business Communications - Sep 2023 - Christchurch
Start date: 05 September 2023