Kā Tikaka Whakamātautau Exam arrangements

Photo of a group of students studying for exams

Exam and test assistance

If you have a disability or health condition then you may be eligible for assistance with exams or tests. You need to register with Disability Services and book assistance two weeks before your assessment date. Come up and see us if you need assistance with exams.

Arrangements may include the one or more of the following:

  • A separate room where you can take the assessment alone with supervision from inside or outside the room.
  • Extra time, usually 10 minutes per hour; or 15 minutes for a one-hour assessment.
  • Provide the assessment in alternative formats; eg large font, electronic text.
  • Provide reading and/or writing support.
  • Provide ergonomic furniture or equipment.
  • Access to a computer to type rather than hand-write responses.