“Your future, your city,” Townsend tells students

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15 Jun 2012

Peter Townsend, Chief Executive of the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce, inspired CPIT business students recently with a presentation on leadership in the context of earthquake recovery. “If you want to create a career in business there is no better place than Christchurch. It’s your future and your city,” he said.

Townsend told students that Christchurch needs leadership of all kinds and at all levels to successfully rebuild the city. “We are all a part of the rebuild,” he said. “There has never been a more important time to have leaders who create certainty, hope and a place people want to be. We need the hard people to make the hard calls and also the soft people who will take the community with them.”

He encouraged up and coming leaders to adopt a forward looking frame of mind and to create opportunity and empowerment for themselves and others. “The new is being forced upon us and we need to take advantage of it,” he said. “It will be a long and positive ride in this city as we rebuild it.”