Working to nature's timeline

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22 Sep 2017

New midwife, Becky Bangma, is excited about her career, but as a mother of three young children, she knows it’s important to balance her new job with family time.

Midwives have the privilege of helping women bring their babies into the world, however working to nature’s timetable also means being on call 24/7.

So Becky and her colleague, a fellow Bachelor of Midwifery at Ara Institute of Canterbury graduate, have teamed up to cover each other as necessary and take alternate weekends off.

The arrangement works. Becky has supported over 15 women through births this year as part of the community-based practice where she works. She sees women from as early as from pre-conception through to six weeks after the birth. It’s hugely rewarding, she says.

“It’s not a job for people who simply like babies because the main part of midwifery is supporting women; babies are just a small part of it.

“I love seeing families being created. With first babies, there is a transformation of a woman into a mum. They can go from being quite shy to blossoming and becoming more confident.”

A former beauty therapist of some seven years, Becky looked for a new direction after her third child. “I always enjoyed working with women, however I really only considered midwifery when I had my own children and I supported my sister in law with her first birth.”

“My own midwife encouraged me to go for it,” she says.

She wondered if she was “too old” to return to study. To prepare for the Bachelor of Midwifery, Becky enrolled in the Certificate in Pre Health also at Ara. Studying was challenging with three young children, she says, but she had the support of her tutors, husband and family to achieve her goal and start her new career.