We’ve launched Mahi Tahi – our new recruitment and employment request tool

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30 Jun 2020

Mahi Tahi, the application that replaces our employment recruitment form and process (known to many as the ER1) is now available and we’re excited to begin using it across Ara.

Launching Mahi Tahi also means we have a new space to advertise current roles at Ara. This is available on our website and Infoweb under Careers at Ara.

Moving to an electronic process to support recruitment and role changes is a really positive move forward as part of the Transformation Programme which Ara have been on for the last few years.

The phrase ‘Mahi Tahi’ translates to ‘work together’ which is reflects how our People and Culture Team supports managers with employee recruitment and role changes. The recruitment process is about Ara and potential candidates considering how they might ’work together’ to transform lives through education.

Supporting Ara Leaders to use Mahi Tahi

Leaders across Ara have attended training in Mahi Tahi and can access Mahi Tahi to load job requests from the Application list on Infoweb.  Mahi Tahi is single sign on so there is no need to set up or a username or password - just click the link and you will be automatically logged in.

A Mahi Tahi user guide and other helpful resources are also available on Infoweb, here under the People and Culture area.

People and Culture Business Partners and the team are available to assist leaders to use Mahi Tahi as you begin to get familiar with the new tool.