Unique bamboo design wins highest achievement at Exit awards

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22 Nov 2016

Leaving the concrete behind in Christchurch was Bachelor in Architectural Studies student Peter Dick’s main motivation in designing his final year project Bamboo Grove station.

“There are a lot of concrete blocks around the city. I always try to enhance the nature as much as I can to try and soften the urban environment. It’s important to connect to the land.”

Belfiore Peter

Peter Dick (on the right) with his tutor and mentor Belfiore Bologna.

Peter’s design left an impression at Exit, an exhibition showcasing the third year Bachelor of Architectural Studies students their final projects. He won the Warren and Mahoney Highest Achievement Award, the award for the best architectural design, for his project.

“I’m over the moon. I didn’t expect to win. It is the best result after working so hard. I’ve had a lot of late nights and hardly any sleep so it’s great to win this award,” Peter says.

Peter designed an “unorthodox” bamboo structure with lots of curves. “I wanted urban development with a lot of organic elements. A risky concept said the jury which made it stand out,” he adds.

Every year the students grow their skills in their own unique way and Exit demonstrates their technical and design capabilities.

“My design was a bamboo structured train station on Moorhouse Ave in the shape of a twisting dome. There was a train station on Moorhouse but it closed down in 1990. I chose to reinstate it and embed it in a big organic structure. For me the blend between natural and built environments is fascinating.”

design Exit

The winning design: Bamboo Grove station

Peter looks for inspiration in nature and his Maori heritage.

“My Maori background definitely influences me when designing any project. That’s why I looked so much to nature and curves. It expresses so much.”

Warren and Mahoney, one of the biggest architectural companies in Christchurch who sponsored the award, saw the strength in Peter’s bamboo design and awarded him as overall winner of his class.