The 500th party - Ara supports party safety scheme

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27 May 2016

Have a good one signage 

An initiative aimed at keeping people holding residential parties safe has reached a milestone.

An Ara Institute of Canterbury student has registered the 500th party on the website 'Good One', which was set up in February 2014 to support responsible party hosting. The initiative has covered more than 42,000 guests.

Ara New Zealand Broadcasting school student Toby Anderson is a resident at Ōtautahi House, which provides accommodation and support for Ara students. He registered his party because it is now a requirement for all Ōtautahi House residents and because he could see the benefits.

"It is good to notify police about your party and the Good One website is the easiest way to do that. It's a good idea because it allows solid communication between the hosts and the police as to what's going on."

The party register is available to anyone hosting a party in Christchurch, as well as the Mid Canterbury, Selwyn, and North Canterbury districts. Good One has been particularly effective with university and polytechnic students by allowing them to confidentially lodge their party details with Police. They are then contacted by local officers who provide advice and support to safely run their party, so it is a "Good One" for everyone.

"We have supported Good One since the beginning, we have found it really useful for Ōtautahi House and for all of our students," Ara Student Services Manager Diana Law says. "It just gives that sense of safety, it helps students to be good neighbors and to know they have the backup if they need it to ensure they have a really good night."

'Good One' is an initiative backed by a number of agencies, including Police, ACC, ARA, the University of Canterbury Students Association and Lincoln University Students Association.

The Police approach has never been about spoiling a party. It's about issuing commons sense advice and building positive relationships.

"Since the launch of this website problems associated with parties have diminished dramatically. Police now get invited to parties," Sergeant Steve Jones of the Neighbourhood Policing Team says.

"We're pleased our approach to ensuring people are safe when they party is proving to be successful. Knowledge about 'Good One' is spreading from student to student, and parent to parent," Jones says.