Talking about Polychrome multi-arts exhibition in Timaru

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26 Oct 2017

The many colours, techniques, ideas and manifestations of the Ara Art and Design department at the Timaru campus are on display at Aigantighe Art Gallery from 2 – 11 November, continuing a century-old tradition of annual student art exhibitions in Timaru.

Vanishing Point by Nicole Jones - Polychrome 2017

“There have always been exhibitions as part of the art school for over 100 years,” Art & Design tutor Mike Armstrong says. “One of our students, Jerry Westaway, found evidence of exhibitions from the first decade of the 20th century.”

Adding the latest chapter in the story, Ara has enjoyed a very good relationship with Aigantighe Art Gallery for some 20 years he said. “Polychrome is a tremendous opportunity to show the students’ work in a public space.”

The exhibition of sculpture, digital media, video, painting, drawing and print making by level 4 – 7 students benefits the town and gives the students a boost, Mike says.  

“The biggest value of art and art students to the town is that it stimulates imagination – it stimulates thought and provokes dialogue. For students in a provincial centre it is also about the confidence to put their work out to the public and the response they get.”

“Students must meet the professionalism of the gallery, producing work on time to a satisfactory level, and that is excellent experience.”  

“We have such a diversity and richness of production and it’s a very fine show. Students are more and more diverse in the 21st century. There are some challenging works, often covering themes of social issues and very personal thought. Most of it is for sale and we usually get very good sales.

Ara offers a range of Art & Design programmes in Timaru including the Diploma in Arts and Media, Diploma in Arts & Media (Visual Arts & Design), New Zealand Certificate in Creativity and New Zealand Certificate in Digital Media and Design.