Students raise nearly $1000 for earthquake victims

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17 May 2016

students donation desk

On April 14 and April 16 the Kumamoto region in Japan was hit by two massive earthquakes, causing loss of life and destroying thousands of homes.

Manabu Koga, an international student at Ara, lived only 2 hours away from the epicentre. He's been studying the Bachelor of Applied Management at Ara since 2014, but wanted to send help to those affected by the quakes.

"More than 180.000 people were seeking shelter and so many houses were destroyed. I wanted to contribute my part"; says Manabu.

"When a massive earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan five years ago I couldn't take any action. I only made a personal donation. This time with the Kumamoto earthquake I was in a position to do more. I wanted to do more than 5 years ago"

Manabu gathered fellow international students and came up with the plan to do an Earthquake Appeal. For an entire week they had a donation desk in the Atrium on the Ara Christchurch City Campus, making people aware of what happened in Japan and collecting money.

The students raised nearly $1000. The money was directly transferred to Japan Red Cross.

"We raised $951.70 with our donation desk, which is much more than we expected. It's great that the Japanese Red Cross will be able to help some people with this."

If you also want to support the people affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes, visit