Student film impresses CERA

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11 Dec 2012

CPIT Visual Communication students Kirstie Jones and Hamish Gray have impressed the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) with their animated short-film which tells the story of Christchurch’s progress after the earthquakes. Shot in stop-motion, the video is comprised of nearly 5000 individual photographs, painstakingly crafted together over six weeks as part of the students’ Bachelor of Design final project.

“Through our study we have learned that communication is about engaging people emotionally. We wanted to take this project to the next level and tell the post-earthquake story in a personal and easily understood way,” Hamish says.


Kirstie Jones and Hamish Gray produced a short-film for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

CERA’s Community Wellbeing team approached the School of Art and Design with an opportunity to tell the story of community recovery in Christchurch. Hamish and Kirstie were eager to volunteer for the project and CERA are now working to incorporate the students’ video into their communications, which may include use on the CERA website and in presentations.

“We are exploring different ways of communicating. We have a lot of information to communicate to a wide audience and we wanted to use a different medium to encapsulate the whole recovery story; acknowledging the community, NGO’s and government as we continue through the recovery and move forward with rebuilding. We’re really pleased with it and it was great for our staff to be involved with these students,” Ivan Iafeta, Spokesman for CERA’s Community Wellbeing Team says.

Working collaboratively on the project was a great experience for the two students who put in over 600 hours to build each piece of the set from scratch and shoot the film. Being given scope to interpret the brief and show their creative flair was an invaluable experience.

“The experience was amazing. I would normally be working on a poster or other digital based design, but we wanted to do something a bit more crazy and hands on so we jumped at the chance to have a go at making a video animation,” Hamish says.

“Not many people at this point in their careers have something like this in their portfolio and we are really proud of it,”Kirstie says.

You can watch Kirstie and Hamish’s presentation created for CERA’s Community Wellbeing Team here: