Scholarship applicants speak of resilience

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26 Oct 2017

Stories of resilience and taking care of whanau and community have streamed into Ara with 42 applications for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust scholarships.

With over $20,000 provided by the Trust, four Ara students have received $5000 to support them with their studies and four runner-ups received around $500.

Manager Development and Projects at Ara, Hazel Barrer, said it was humbling to read about the impact the Christchurch Earthquakes had, and are still having, on the lives of students. “Applications spoke of anxiety, stress and health issues and destruction of homes and belongings. They also told of the resilience, community-mindedness and whanau support experienced and offered. We would have loved to support all of the applicants; selecting the recipients was a very difficult task,” she said.

Ara offers financial aid for students in a number of ways, including scholarships and fee discounts, Ara Hardship Grants, student team employment and financial literacy training and budgeting advice. Employment opportunities are also collated and advertised through the Ara Careers Hub.

The recipients were:

Amelia Cathro – Bachelor of Design – Photography

Phillip Goundar – NZ Diploma Engineering – Civil

Feleti Poepoe Peseka – Bachelor of Music Arts

Kate Evans – Bachelor of Medical Imaging

The runners-up were:

Sana Tekii – Bachelor of Applied Management

Anna-Louise Warren – Bachelor of Music Arts

Philippa Robinson – Bachelor of Medical Imaging

Hannah Oakley – Bachelor of Medical Imaging