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12 Nov 2018

Ara’s Art & Design department is buzzing as Bachelor of Design students put the finishing touches on their third and final year projects. The RIPE exhibition is the culmination of a year’s worth of research and creative planning, resulting in drawing, prints, sculptures, posters, publications, films and animations representing the Visual Communication, Photography, Applied Visual Art and Motion Design specialisations.

Here is a tiny taste of what will be on show 14 November to 22 November in the Rakaia Centre and CPSA Building, Ara City Campus, 9am-5pm each day.

Jess Gibson (Visual Communication): Double Take

Posters that pop show off Jess’ comprehensive research into the qualities of wool and the issue of textile waste in the fashion industry, interpreted as nostalgic images. An image of a metal slinky speaks to the resilience of wool; a pet rock describes easy care and so on. And there’s more - a website fully explores wool and fashion waste with detailed information and of course, beautiful design, and links to an Instagram feed too.

“It’s definitely super personal because we spent so much time on it. It’s been really fun – and challenging because it is so open that you have so many ideas to condense into one project.”

Renee Taylor (Visual Communications): Little Star Gazers

Historical cartography and reimagining the constellations for a young audience was the starting point for Renee. Her project developed into a delightful starry storybook where constellations become everyday objects - Ursula Minor as a cellphone and Ursula Major as a teddy bear for example. There is also a wall poster and the next stage would be an app, says the talented young designer.

“In the third year you are set free! Industry partners come in and critique our work so that is really helpful.”

Mikayla Begg (Applied Visual Art): "Collections from my world" 2018

Having studied drawing, printmaking, woodcut, ceramics and screen printing over her first two years at Ara, making the most of the facilities at Ara, Mikayla settled on screen printing and textiles for her final year work. From a packed visual diary of ideas and research, inspired by the natural world she has turned flowers, natural dyes and rust into whimsical textile-based, multimedia works for RIPE. 

“In the third year we are more independent and find something that we are really interested in to develop from. We all bounce ideas off each other and the tutors help us to fine tune them.”


RIPE is a chance to show off work to potential employers and there is an award ceremony on 13 November including scholarships from the Noeline McIlroy Bequest, the Will Cumming Memorial Art Award, and the Megabits Maxon Award for 3D Digital Modelling.