Printmaking in Nepal

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19 Jun 2013

Longstanding CPIT art and design tutor Michael Reed has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with Nepalese craftspeople since New Zealand not for profit organisation TradeAid asked him to share his expertise with craft cooperatives in Nepal.

Reed took 15 print designs to Nepal and created more designs on demand while there, one of which was used during his four week stay as part of a bamboo themed collection of ceramics and textiles that could appeal to local and international markets.

“The two co-operatives that Trade Aid works with employ hundreds of women who wouldn’t otherwise have any paid work at all,” he said.

Michael Reed's print drying

Reed also sought to improve the efficiency and quality of the printers’ work – within the confines of the local conditions. “There are electricity cuts every day, nothing is predictable and it is another world altogether, however it was possible to make low-key improvements that were as economical as possible.”

Lowering the worktable heights, reducing the pigmentation and chemical content of the ink and making the table surfaces more even were all adjustments that will have impacts on the quality of the work and the conditions for the workers.