Paint and Decorating students step up for Hoon Hay community

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25 Nov 2016

Ara Pre Trade Painting and Decorating Certificate students are putting their knowledge and skills to work by redecorating the Hoon Hay Community Hall.

Seven students are repainting the ceiling and walls inside the lobby, under super vision of their tutor Sharon Bodger and Ara Construction Team leader John Kerrigan.

“It’s their last big project before the end of the year. They started earlier this week and it will take about five days to complete. It’s a great experience for the students,” John Kerrigan says.

At work in the Hoon Hay community hall (left to right) Aleesha Palmer, Nathan Webb-Sutton, Sam Bristol, Sophie Maslin, Rueban McAllister, Sitaniselao Mo’ale and tutor Sharon Bodger.

The Ara Trade Department involves itself with community projects throughout the year to give the students real life experiences with real clients and to give something back to the community.

“It’s an important exercise as they are working for an actual client and they realise that their attitude is important. They don’t behave like students anymore, but step up as employees and they are loving it”, John says.

Next year in April the Department and students will work with the Ferrymead Heritage Park volunteers, to refurbish the old buildings in the park.