Higher achieving radio student rewarded

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27 Oct 2017

Polite but insistent, courteous but curious - the best reporters have a way of getting to the truth.

John Foy Memorial Award for Excellence in Radio News recipient Kethaki Masilamani is on her way to becoming just such a professional in the media industry. The New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS) student was “a most popular winner” of the $3000 prize, Head of NZBS Tony Simons said.

From left: Chris Foley, a trustee for the John Foy Memorial Trust, NZBS student Kethaki Masilamani and Head of NZBS Tony Simons.

“She has a great love of radio journalism and has proven, in her relatively short time with us, she has the potential to be an excellent reporter in whatever medium she chooses,” he said.

The purpose of the annual award is to promote excellence and commitment in radio news reporting.

The award is offered to the journalism student with the highest grades across all radio-related assessments in the Advanced Broadcast Journalism component of the NZBS’s Bachelor of Broadcasting degree programme.