Handsome outdoor furniture donated to Pasifika community

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04 Sep 2016

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The smooth wood of the planter boxes produced by Pasifika Trades Training students at Ara is interrupted only by a silver, engraved plaque. For the recipients of these handsome pieces of outdoor furniture, the plaques will be a reminder of the origins of the planter boxes and a tribute to the makers.

The students who practised and honed their skills on this project are part of the Pasifika Trades Training programme and the Canterbury Tertiary College. Pasifika Trades Training is a post-earthquake initiative that was created to help Pasifika train up for the rebuild of Christchurch and work their way to leadership positions in construction. Canterbury Tertiary College is a nationwide programme that allows secondary school students to complete NCEA levels and get started on their career at the same time.

The plaques were presented yesterday, 1 September, in the carpentry building (VC). The planter boxes will now be delivered to recipients including community halls, pre-schools and churches – see the full list below.

  1. Mapusaga Aoga Amata
  2. |Tino E Tasi Pre school
  3. Tongan Pre School
  4. Tongan church Wainoni
  5. Puna o le Atamai Preschool- Tafesilafa’i
  6. Hei Hei Community Hall
  7. Matua Pasefika Hall
  8. Fijian community
  9. St. Pauls Trinity Hall
  10. Shirley Assembly of God church