From factory floor to running Scotland’s best cafe

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21 Aug 2017

Going from Timaru to the Scottish highlands, winning awards on the way, Mountain Café owner Kirsten Gilmour is proof that education can take you places.

Mountain Cafe owner Kirsten Gilmour with her former tutors Rob Coulter, and Lindsay Bennett.

Cookery students surely couldn’t have asked for a better role model than Kirsten, who popped into the Timaru campus last Friday to share her experiences.

Kirsten was working in a local fish factory when she signed up for Chef training. This qualification would eventually lead her to owning and running the multi-award winning Mountain Café in Aviemore, Scotland for the last 12 years and, more recently, producing The Mountain Café Cookbook (A Kiwi in the Cairngorms).

Tutors said the students were inspired by Kirsten’s story and her Kiwi approach to great food, coffee and friendly service. This approach has won Kirsten the Scottish Food Awards 2017 - Best Cafe in Scotland.

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