Excellent outcomes for Canterbury Tertiary College (CTC) delivery at Ara

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18 Sep 2017

The report looked at dual-enrolment youth pathway programmes for the Canterbury Tertiary College, in which students remain enrolled at school to complete NCEA credits and attend Ara to start training for a career, and Māori and Pasifika youth achievement.

Of the 1,314 students who participated during the period, 90.1% went into further education, employment or apprenticeships following completion of their CTC programme (compared with 81.4% nationally).

80% of the students achieved a minimum of NCEA Level 2 by the end of the programme, just ahead of the national average, and 65.6% of students achieved 80% or more of programme specific credits, compared with 54.2% nationally.

While 12.8% of under 25 year-olds in the Ara region identify as Māori or Pasifika, 16.8% of CTC students identify as Māori or Pasifika. The higher participation rate resulted in better outcomes for this group as well.

“The report shows that providing alternative delivery models and choices for students increases their participation, engagement and success,” Manager of Engagement at Ara, Emma West said.

“Ara provides an environment where youth feel welcome and supported. We have developed a collaborative model of pastoral care with whanau, the secondary schools and Ara tutors and support staff to create a more engaging, innovative and industry-aligned learning space.

The programme is working for the students and for the region, West said. “The success of these students will significantly improve their lives but also have a positive impact on the wider community, as students make more informed choices as they explore their future careers resulting in meaningful employment.”

Youth focused programmes at Ara are aligned with areas of high employment in the region, with construction, manufacturing, trades services and social (health) dominating.