Double award winner combines Māori and Business success

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14 Dec 2017

Running between awards ceremonies last night (13 December), Ara Timaru business student Te Paea Noble had to keep on her toes to collect both a Top Student award from the Business Department and an Eke Panuku award, which celebrates Māori and Pasifika success across the institute.

Timaru's Te Paea Noble, pictured with Head of Business Michaela Blacklock, took home awards from the Department of Business and the Eke Panuku awards.

Reena Snowden from Christchurch also received a Māori Pasifika Trades Training award for Business Communication and two Department of Business Top Student awards for Business Communication (semester one) and Applied Business Solutions (semester two).

Noble was delighted, and surprised, at her success.  

“I remember my first test for taxation, just the simple time management I didn’t consider. I came out with 34%. Then fast forward to top student for accounting practices and I got 96% overall,” she said.

Enrolling in the New Zealand Diploma of Business at Ara after a break from study, Noble quickly realised she needed strategies to help her succeed.

“The polytech itself is really good, especially the tutors and the student advisors. The act of studying itself was a bit overwhelming after being out of studying so long.”

Noble found there were many resources available to students at Ara. “There were a lot of people I had help from. I spoke to the tutors and the student advisors and other students as well.”

“There was something a student said to me that hit the nail on the head. She was in the same boat as me - an adult student and a mother. She said that she had relearn how to learn. When she said that I realised that’s what I needed to do – it was not the material that was difficult, but learning how to learn the material.”

One essential tool that worked for her learning style was online flash cards that could be assessed anywhere, on any device, and helped her to review and test her growing knowledge.

Her tutor Joanna Fraser said Noble set an excellent example for other students through her hard work and focus. “Having read in advance, Te Paea is always prepared for class and ready to ask questions to seek clarification. What she says is ‘when you’re prepared you are able to listen better and contribute more’.”

Noble, whose iwi is Te Arawa, Bay of Plenty, was able to cross credit previous studies in the North Island towards her qualification at Ara.  She will study three papers next semester and her last paper in semester two, by which time she hopes to working for an accounting firm in Timaru.