CPIT and Aoraki Polytechnic publish final Annual Reports

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27 May 2016

2015 Annual Report 

CPIT and Aoraki Polytechnic have published their final Annual Reports concluding over 100 years of education in the Canterbury region as separate educational organisations.

The new organisation Ara Institute of Canterbury is now responsible for providing vocational tertiary education to the entire Canterbury region.

One of the most satisfying results for CPIT in 2015 was the increase of international students which exceeded pre-earthquake numbers and resulted in an increased revenue of $2.51 million, exceeding targets by 1.55 million.

In 2015, 1733 foreign students studied at CPIT or 842 Equivalent Full Time Students (EFTS), an increase of 28 percent on the previous year where 1353 students studied with 652 EFTS.

"We are really pleased with the results. This really is a reflection of the quality of education at the institute and the positive outcomes students get. Our students have very high rates of employability both within New Zealand and overseas," International Director Beth Knowles says.

The positive trend has continued into 2016 with international student numbers at Ara Institute of Canterbury up 33 percent on 2015 with 1150 students already enrolled this year.

"We can expect these figures to continue to grow throughout the year."

The growth in numbers is particularly pleasing as 2015 is the first time the institute exceeded pre-earthquake enrolment levels.

"In 2010 we had 755 EFTS and so we exceeded this number of Equivalent Full Time Students by 12 percent last year," Knowles said.

The most significant project for Aoraki Polytechnic in 2015 was the development and approval of the Business Case with CPIT which proposed that CPIT and Aoraki Polytechnic should form a new organisation to provide better education to the Canterbury region.

This project was undertaken with extensive consultation and was finally approved by the Minister of Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Steven Joyce on 12 November 2015.

"The work to establish a joint organisation was critical to ensure the region has suitable access to quality education. The Business Case has developed a framework to maintain and extend education while also stimulate the regional economy," former Aoraki Polytechnic Chairperson Janie Annear says.

Both organisations are proud to present their final Annual Reports, which can be viewed online at www.ara.ac.nz/about-us/publications/corporate-documents-and-annuals-reports.