Chengdu visitors bring engineering scholar

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01 Sep 2017

Ara has hosted a second group of 10 students from Chengdu this time with a visiting engineering scholar Professor Yu. The group completed their four week English language and activity programme last week.

The visitors were from Chengdu Technological University (CTU), one of the strategical partner institutions for Ara in China.

Professor Yu, a leading academic staff member and researcher from CTU, met with Ara academic staffs/researchers across a number of departments, mainly working with engineering staff. Professor Yu explored research topics for future research visits to Ara that both institutions can collaborate on.  

Professor Yu also invited Ara academic staffs to visit CTU for research work in the interest of developing a mutual academic/research collaboration between the two institutions.

The visit brought the institutional relationship between Ara and CTU to a new level, by extending the student experience to a staff cross cultural and research exchange.  

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