Celebrating Ara Youth’s success

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07 Nov 2016

The annual Youth Pathways Showcase is the highlight for Ara Institute of Canterbury’s 600 Youth Guarantee and Canterbury Tertiary College (CTC) students, who join with their family and friends to celebrate the completion of their 2016 programmes and to showcase their success.

For Creative Industries Youth Guarantee student Brendan Stewart it has been a rewarding journey.

“I was struggling at school, it just didn’t work for me. When I enrolled in the Youth Guarantee Programme I began my journey into art and it was my gateway to further Ara education. I’ve learned about 3D art, video making, drawing and I love gaining that experience. This youth guarantee course definitely opened doors,” Brendan says.

“Enabling students to have access to training and seeing them transitioning into higher levels of tertiary study and or into meaningful employment has been very rewarding for the organisation and its staff. Creating transition pathways, supporting students to step up, realise their potential and meet the challenge has shown how effective the policy and funding is for young people,” Director of Education and Applied Research Judith Brown says.

53% of the 2016 Youth Guarantee students enrolled in further education at Ara, while 20% are going into the workforce. Many students who spoke at the event said how important their tutors were in guiding them on their path.

Youth Guarantee tutor of Business Administration and Computing Eleanor England said she’s very proud of her students. “Success is measured in so many different ways. Often it is just small steps. Education is fun or it can be fun and the Ara Youth Guarantee programmes are a great environment to grow.”

CTC allows high school students to stay in school while gaining practical skills and tertiary qualifications.

“I didn’t really know what to do, but I really liked clothes. I didn’t feel like I had any skills, but now I have some. I’ve grown and I feel confident,” CTC Retail student Dan Willson says.

Classmate Drew McKay had a similar story to tell.

“At the start of this year I was not the same person I am today. I was shy, quiet and always sitting in the back of the room. But because of the CTC Retail course, where I had great tutors and made friends, I came out of my shell. For that I am very thankful,” Drew says.

For 2017 Ara Institute of Canterbury is offering a number of youth pathway programmes, including the Canterbury Tertiary College, Youth Guarantee, Dual Pathways, STAR and Gateway.  These government initiatives are delivered in a number of areas including Creative, Business, Hospitality, Cookery, Health, Sports, Computing, Sustainability, Engineering, Electrotechnology, Hair & Beauty and Trades.