Ara students impress Christchurch chefs

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13 May 2016

Ara cookery student presents her hors d'oevres 

Ara culinary students wowed Christchurch chefs this week with their presentation of culinary creations to potential future employers.

Ken Patterson from the Commodore Hotel was particularly impressed with the quality of food prepared by the students.

"They are providing great food. I am particularly impressed by the international influences shown in the preparation. You can feel the changing flavours from different countries. The infusion of flavours is delicious."

Patterson was so impressed with the work of one student that he asked the student to get in touch with him at the end of the course.

"His presentation really was exceptional," Patterson says.

Patterson's comments were made during an industry event organised by Ara Institute of Canterbury. Students had requested that the Food and Hospitality Department organise more events to give them greater opportunities to meet with industry and the event also gave students a realistic experience of working with potential customers.

"In the past students have made their presentations to tutors, but by presenting to stakeholders we are increasing the pressure and the realism of the task which will better prepare students for the workplace," Culinary Programmes Manager Ryan Marshall says.

The evening was attended by executive chefs and human resources managers from Christchurch restaurants and hotels.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for students to meet and network with future employers and showcase their culinary creations," Marshall says.

The students presented their hors d'oeuvres and explained each of their creations while being assessed by tutors on their presentations.

"The quality of the work was very gratifying with nicely presented food that mixed delicacy with sumptuous flavours," Marshall says.

It also gave staff the opportunity to maintain and further develop relationships with industry.

"Christchurch is changing so rapidly, it's important to keep strong links with industry," Marshall says.

There will be another industry event held on Tuesday 17 May.