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10 Jan 2017


A jazz workshop without any sheet of music, that’s what All Ears is about. The Ara Institute of Canterbury Creative Industries Department has partnered with the All Ears’ team to bring a unique week of jazz workshops to Ara.

All Ears is a jazz and improvised music programme designed by US educators Dr. Arthur Falbush and Keith Pray. They started the programme ten years ago and have been running the workshop all over the United States and now for the first time abroad in New Zealand. The workshop provides a fun and safe way to learn by ear.

“As a musician, I've had the good fortune to meet and sometimes work with my musical heroes. Whenever I got the opportunity, I would ask them how they learned. Without exception the answer was by ear and on the bandstand. Learning how to do it before labelling what it is. The methodology of All Ears reflects how jazz and improvised music was taught before academia got involved,” says Arthur.

Later this month Arthur will arrive in New Zealand to lead the workshop. He is returning to the place where he started his teaching journey. In 1995 Arthur had his first teaching job at the then CPIT Jazz School. One of his students was Cameron Pearce, who is now a senior lecturer and who will be supporting Arthur at the All Ears workshop.

“We’re excited. It’s going to be launched for the first time in New Zealand. These days it is quite common for people to learn via reading chord charts, but at the All Ears workshop it is all about melody by ear. It’s a unique flexible learning environment that’s not threatening,” says Cameron.

“Many academic jazz programs teach theory with scales and chords before practice. We don't subscribe to that idea. We believe in teaching melody and harmony, phrasing and nuance. We firmly believe that inspiration, which is undervalued as a tool in music education, comes from the music, not the theory,” adds Arthur.

All Ears runs one week and is open to all ages and abilities. Arthur once had a 5 and 74 year old in the same workshop, but that works fine he says.

“Since we deal with different age groups and abilities all in one room, having no sheet music proves to be a great equalizer. Everybody gets a feeling like they're all in it together and they begin to work together. It's amazing to see an eleven year old help a sixty year old get the hang of something.”

In the end it is all about having fun and learning to express yourself.

All Ears will run from Monday January 23 to Friday 27 January and will conclude in a public concert performance on the Friday evening.

The workshop costs $185. Find out more: