Retraining rewarding for CPIT nursing student

Retraining rewarding for CPIT nursing student

Anne and daughter Laura, both studying nursing at CPIT.

CPIT student Anne Mackay jokes that she has “done a bit of everything” during her working life. Now she has finally made a career decision she is really passionate about, enrolling in the Bachelor of Nursing at CPIT.

After a diverse series of roles spanning the film industry, hospitality, tourism, working as a lawyer and even wrangling lions, Anne was inspired to retrain as a nurse after experiencing the Christchurch earthquake.

Post-earthquake Anne volunteered with Operation Suburb, visiting people in the worst affected areas. She also volunteered at Lifeline and continues to do so. These experiences fed her passion to help her community.

“I realised that my own and so many other people’s lives had changed and I wanted to pursue a career that could really make a difference,” she says.

Being accepted into the course at CPIT was a proud moment for Anne who was a little nervous about entering into study at such a late stage in her life. In fact her daughter Laura was accepted into the same intake.

 “I didn’t fit the usual entry requirements but CPIT worked with me to identify my relevant experiences through recognition of prior learning and I was able to enter straight into the course without completing pre-health. The recognition gave me a big confidence boost,” she says.

Anne began her study in August 2011 and has been impressed by the standard of teaching at CPIT, as well as the helpful nature of other students in her class.

“All my tutors are very experienced in the nursing field and my classmates come from a variety of backgrounds and all have their own experiences to share. CPIT has a very supportive learning environment,” she says.

She is also fortunate to have had the help of her daughter when it came to exam time, the two studying together. “I’ve been out of practice for a while and Laura is extremely helpful to me when preparing for our exams,” Anne says. “We encourage each other”.

Anne is excited about the programme, in particular the mental health placements. She is enthusiastic about her future career and glad she made the change. “I would encourage others to explore the opportunities available and make the most of them,” she says.

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