Logo Challenge as Company Goes Global

Logo Challenge as Company Goes Global

Working Ideas designer John Burt approached CPIT’s final year Bachelor of Visual Communications students with a challenge: Create a new logo for plastics company EPL.

This was not a hypothetical exercise. EPL are increasing their international focus and need to rebrand to appeal to a global audience. John, who completed his Visual Communications qualification (then a diploma) at CPIT in 1989 and maintains a strong connection with the art design department, approached CPIT because “we knew the students would bring new ideas and bright young thinking to the project”.

EPL’s Managing Director Tom Thomson liked the idea immediately. “”It was a ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moment. I have a long association with CPIT; I’ve been on the science advisory panel and helped to set up the Plastics and Polymer centre at the Sullivan Ave campus.

“All the ideas for the logos were different and fresh – I was quite impressed,” he said.

The challenge was packaged as a competition with $750 as first prize. Riley Clarke won with a design that folds over itself to represent the plasticity of EPL’s products.

“It was quite fun, to get that experience working for a real client,” Riley said. “I’m not sure if they will use my design as they have also employed a design company in Auckland. EPL quite liked our designs though, so now I think they are working a bit harder on it, bringing the big guns out!”

The prize winners, including two second prize winners who received $500 each and a third prize winner ($250), had a week to respond to feedback from the client and tweak their designs.

Meanwhile, the students have plenty of other ‘real life’ projects on the go, co-designing editions of CPIT’s Creative Industries magazine Ignition, student magazine Capsule and the newly launched, CPIT-initiated, Entertainment Street Press (ESP), an events guide for Christchurch.

 “You get good experience working to timeframes and some of them are quite tight – Ignition is a bit longer but Capsule and ESP were both under a week,” Riley said. “I work with my classmates Richard Burson and Danny McQueen. We’re good as a team and we have fun with it. Applying everything we’ve learned on actual jobs is great.”

Riley’s art teacher at Shirley Boys High recommended the CPIT degree and Riley has not been disappointed in the choice he made. “The Vis. Comm. degree appealed because it’s really aimed at developing skills you use in industry, a lot of stuff related to getting a job. It’s been awesome – I don’t really want to leave! The tutors have been really helpful. A lot of them have worked or are still working in the industry so they know what they are talking about.”