CPIT's Rooftop Honey hits the shelves

CPIT's Rooftop Honey hits the shelves

CPIT’s long awaited Rooftop Honey is now ready for sale, launching this Friday 13 September at a staff breakfast event with honey infused treats. The multi-floral honey will be on sale to the public at the Visions Pantry Café from Monday 16 September.

“It’s exciting to see our unique honey go on sale. It’s been a team effort to produce it and we’ve already started using the honey as part of our dishes, including during the Toque d’Or competition where it was very well received,” Dennis Taylor, School of Food and Hospitality Manager says.

Produced over the last summer, the unique honey comes from two hives on top of the School of Food and Hospitality building and others around Christchurch which collectively house 60,000 bees.

CPIT's multi-floral Rooftop Honey now ready for sale.

Registered beekeeper and tutor David Spice started the honey initiative in late 2012 to contribute to Christchurch’s environmental health. The project was centred on bringing bees back to the city with a view to producing and harvesting a sustainable, natural product.

“This initiative contributes to sustainability in Christchurch. We need bees to maintain the health of our city. As well as producing food for use at the School of Food and Hospitality our students and staff are learning additional skills through working with the bees,” Taylor says.

Cookery students have been involved throughout the process: from placing the hives, looking after the bees, harvesting the honey and marketing the product. 

The official launch of CPIT’s Rooftop Honey is on this Friday 13 September from 8.30 am to 9.00am in the bar area of Visions on Campus Restaurant. Honey is available from the Visions Pantry Café at a cost of $5.00 per 200g jar.