Pacific Advisory Group (PAG)

The Pacific Advisory Group (PAG)  is established to provide leadership and influence to Ara as the institution continues to adapt to effectively support the participation, success and progression of Pacific students and their whānau as Pacific within Ara.

PAG is an advisory group whose responsibilities are to bring forward ideas and points of view from community and other stakeholder discussion. It contributes to fora and gives feedback to networks, it is not operational.

The Pacific Advisory Group (PAG) will:

  1. Provide a forum for discussion of emerging ideas, concepts, needs and trends for Pacific learner engagement and success
  2. Identify strategies for increasing Pacific retention, course and programme completion
  3. Provide input and advice into targeted and institution-wide Pacific strategies, providing recommendations to responsible persons and bodies where appropriate
  4. Be available for consultation with the Ara Council.

Pacific Strategy (PDF 0.3mb)

Pacific Advisory Group members

Patricia Siataga (Chair)

Sua Tauti (Deputy Chair)

Howard Jamieson

Nina Maluafiti

Jason Tiatia

Amy Henry

Siesina Latu