If you have previous experience, or have completed the same or a similar course elsewhere, you may be eligible for credit recognition. CPIT uses three types of credit recognition:

Recognition of prior learning - this takes your experience as well as learning into account.

Cross credit - this looks at the course you have done previously and compares it to the one you are interested in doing. If it is at least 80% the same, a cross credit may be granted.

Credit transfer - this is when you have done exactly the same course at another institution. Examples are unit standards or New Zealand Diploma in Business papers.

Standard charges apply for the credit recognition processes. Depending on the outcome being credited, you may also have to pay related external charges, e.g. NZQA credit fees, NZQA Registration fee.

If you think you are eligible to apply for one of these, please contact the Faculty to arrange a meeting with the Programme Leader.