Research Week

Research week

‘Applying Innovation’

Research that takes an idea and applies it to solve real-world problems is a key driver of innovation and underpins economic, social and environmental wellbeing. Creative and applied research is flourishing at Ara and we’re pleased to share it with you during Research Week.

Kaleidoscope of research 

A collection of brief lunchtime presentations (around 6 minutes each) on a diverse range of research undertaken recently by academic staff at Ara. Bring your lunch and feel free to arrive and depart when you wish.

Monday 19 August: Imagitech, City campus - (12.10-1pm)
Tuesday 20 August: HP314, Manawa campus (12.10-1pm)
Wednesday 21 August: Imagitech, City campus (12.10-1pm)
Thursday 22 August: L202, City campus (12.10-1pm)
Friday 23 August: L202, City campus (12.10-1pm)