Bugging from Baja

29 Oct 2012

This is a quick hello to say that the first L-Pavilion is about to be installed on its Southlander site: the first building of the ArtBox collection! The Southlander or Jetset as it was known, was the destination venue for a host of underground musical heavyweights back in the day. It sat on the corner of St Asaph and Madras St across from my office as it has turned out, but was an unfortunate victim of February's 'quake. So that's where ArtBox is going. It's starting to get quite exciting. Anyway this is just a brief intro to what will be a weekly update to keep you in the picture. 

In the banner up above is one of the works (by Philip Trusttum) that will grace the external walls of the L-Pavilion. There will be four other works, two each by Wayne Youle and David Wooding, which will join this one. Thanks to you all.


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