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07 Mar 2013

We’ve been open only four days and are delighted to report nearly 200 people have visited the first ArtBox exhibition already. There are only a few free raffle tickets left for the next few visitors - so if you have been meaning to come down then now is the time to visit, to be in with a chance to win the fabulous art works by Philip Trusttum and Miranda Parkes. It’s been great to see groups of students from CPIT and UC down here, as well as a good mix of locals and tourists.

On that note I’d especially like to encourage Christchurch residents who have not ventured into the central city recently to come and see what’s new. Apart from ArtBox there are a number of galleries, cafes and bars that are starting to flourish. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Close to us there is the NG Gallery and The National, Chambers@241, Room Four , Form Gallery , Dog Park, and Jonathan Smart Gallery not to mention a number of great eateries, restaurants and cafes including the CBD Bar , The St Asaph St Kitchen , C1, C4 and Black Bettys all surrounded by a generous dose of public and street art on the corners and walls. The city centre is really starting to come alive, so you might be surprised what you stumble over … I recommend you set aside a few hours and start your tour at the corner of St Asaph and Madras Street!

On to administrative but important matters, we are working on the shape of the ArtBox advisory board – we have an excellent group of people with various skills who will soon settle into management roles to ensure the smooth running and longevity of this important arts project. Thanks so much too, to all the enthusiastic people who have volunteered to staff the gallery - 36 people have now signed up. We are looking for a few more, so please tell your friends. The magic number we’re looking for is around 60, which means that each person need only host a two hour shift once every fortnight. So if you can donate this time we’d love to hear from you - register via our Volunteer Management Service.

Finally keep a look out for the release of the schedule for art shows this year – all to be revealed on this website later this week.


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