Exciting times for ArtBox ahead

01 Feb 2013

How rewarding to be part of a project that generates such enthusiasm! We had a wonderful response to our meeting on Monday night to update people on Artbox and seek nominees for our working party to steer the project forward. The positive feedback and eagerness to be part of Artbox was fantastic.

What was clear was that aside from people with specific skills such as project management, there was also huge scope for volunteers with the time and energy to contribute. We will need lots of volunteers to do the leg work for events in the future, and on the back of Monday night’s meeting we are working to establish a contact list of people willing to contribute to Artbox’s future. Anyone keen to be part of network can email me atmartin.trusttum@cpit.ac.nz. Over the coming weeks I will set up an online register of volunteers and roles so you can easily see what's on offer and what you could do to get involved.

We are also looking for ideas about how Artbox can become part of our community. We want it to be more than just an exhibition space and we are keen to hear from people with ideas of making the site interactive with other events, such as the Body Festival or next year’s Buskers Festival.

On site we are seeing great progress. We are working toward the week of February 25 as the opening date for our first exhibition, with three artists doing a group show. We'll confirm the date next week. Inside Artbox the internal wiring is being installed and electricity should be switched on later this week. On the outside, we will soon have a public thank you to all our contributors, with our sponsors’ panel currently at the printers.


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