Creative energy humming at ArtBox

24 Jan 2013

We have electricity!! Well, almost – we now have power connected to the site, and we’re in the process of getting the space itself wired up. One more step and we can get Code of Compliance and open ArtBox to Christchurch artists and the public.

Our artists may not yet be installed, but the creative vibe is becoming more and more apparent on site. We have the framing of our new building underway, and our sister project and site neighbour Beatbox is about to start construction of their first rehearsal studio for Christchurch musicians. Our little corner of the CBD is becoming activated and engaged – our vision of a hub of creative energy is becoming closer to reality!

We are also working to get more people involved with the project. This Monday, the 28th of January, we are holding at meeting at CPIT, in the Imagitech Theatre, which will give people an update on the project and where it is heading. We are inviting people with specific skills such as project management or accountancy to get involved with ArtBox and help form a working group to steer the project through its next phrase. The meeting is at 5.30pm and will also include a tour of the ArtBox space.

Another exciting development is that we will soon be seeing the installation of a commemorative sculpture installed on site at ArtBox. A Christchurch artist has been chosen to build the sculpture as part of the February 22 earthquake commemorations. The installation will be in place on site in time for the upcoming second anniversary.



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