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18 Jan 2013

Welcome to 2013 – we hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable break and, like us, are looking forward to a productive and enjoyable year.

Things are on track here so far this year at ArtBox with the power going in this week. All going well we'll be 'live' the next. In the meantime there is still plenty of action with work already underway on the framing for the gallery pavilion and we are working to have it on site by April.

We are also on the hunt for people to help steer us into the next phase with the establishment of a working group. The common thread will be an interest in the arts, along with distinct skill sets such as project management or accountancy.

So if it sounds like you, or someone you know, we are having a meeting next week on Monday the 28th January at 5.30 pm in the Imagitech Theatre, to give our supporters an update of where we are and a discussion around where we are heading. From here we are hoping that the working party will be established and we can continue the momentum to help support the creative arts in Christchurch.


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