ArtBox rising

31 Oct 2012

Big developments this week.

ArtBox is making its debut. Earthworks and construction people are at our site at the corner of Madras and St Asaph Street – digging trenches and preparing the ground for the first of the Artbox modules to be put in place.

We are delighted at the progress to provide practical low cost premises for our arts communities whose galleries and studios were destroyed in the February earthquake.

The first building is the L-Pavilion, made up of two of the boxes especially created by Sydenham’s F3 design. One of the boxes stands vertically on its end and the other lies horizontally with the two bolted together. It will be constructed on a raft of river stones because the joy of these buildings is that don’t need traditional foundations, just stable ground.

The Pavilion can be used by artists wanting space to show their work or those who want to use it to create their work.

It has taken a while to get here. The consent process takes time and even though this project is for the transitional city with a projected life of about five years, the concept and materials are a bit different and must still go through rigorous engineering and safety checks.

The rebuild of Christchurch is also getting underway and the very large projects involved are sometimes taking precedence over smaller builds like ours.

Our thanks go to all our sponsors who have been so generous in their support. Without them there would be noArtBox story. These partners are also telling me that their support is not just about funding, they want to be part of the story and help tell it. This blog is about recording our progress – the ups and the downs – towards keeping the creative heart and soul of Christchurch beating.



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