ArtBox dream becomes reality

artbox bands for hope
22 Feb 2013

Yesterday the ArtBox dream became a reality with the unveiling of the fabulous TelstraClear commemorative sculpture ‘Bands for Hope’ by local artist Jason Ware. It was great to see dozens of people, including the Mayor and Mayoress, here to support the launch of the first completed project to grow around ArtBox.

The sculpture is a steel-framed cube incorporating furniture suspended by elastic bands. Many might recognise the ‘elastic’ as the wrist bands from the very successful Bands 4 Hope earthquake fundraising initiative conceived and launched by TelstraClear immediately following the ‘quake in 2011.

And adding to the excitement, the invites for the very first ArtBox show have gone out so we are nearly all set for the official grand opening next week on Wednesday 27 February at 5.30pm, featuring work by Roger Boyce, Joanna Braithwaite and Ronnie van Hout. So far lots of people have said they are keen to come along, so along with the food and a glass of wine or two it will be a mighty special occasion. To top it off we have some live jazz and some interactive puppetry organised to keep everyone on their toes.

Please come along and be part of rebuilding the arts in central Christchurch. We look forward to seeing you there! Martin


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