Artbox welcomes volunteers

11 Feb 2013

We'd love to hear from anyone interested in contributing to Artbox's future. Anyone keen to take part can email me at

We are now starting to look to the future. The framing has been ordered for the second building which will be a gallery. This time the order is larger as it has been combined with two other projects and we are hoping for a faster turnaround. Up until now, our orders have been quite small and rightly multi-million dollars projects took first priority for the company making them. 

This time, our sister project and site neighbour, Beatbox, established to provide rehearsal space for musicians, has contributed to the order. As well, the director of F3, the design company behind the Artbox system, is building his own house and his framing is also included.

It is great to see the idea snowballing. A goal of the project was to seed other projects in residential and similar types of uses – and that is now happening. 

Image by Rebecca Harris



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