Spectacular week on the ArtBox site

14 Nov 2012

It has been an exciting week and we are now seeing real progress on the site.

This first building, the L-Pavilion, is made up of two of the ArtBox modules, one lying horizontally and another vertically, and is now completely in place. We have had scaffolding all over it this week as the contractors do all the finishing touches - from bolting in the components to putting in the insulation.

We had a crane on site to lift in the concrete floor slab (because the Hiab just wouldn’t cut it), as well as the ArtBox module that stands vertically giving the L-Pavilion its name. It looks spectacular and even though we have been studying the models and plans for some time now, we were still surprised at how high it stands. You can now see that the ArtBox project will take up a big chunk of the old Southlander site. For those of you with an architectural eye, when you pop down to have a look, you’ll discover that the two ends of the building float completely above the ground as they’re cantilevered from the corner where the concrete pad sits. Once the under floor lighting goes in I think it’ll look absolutely beautiful. By the middle of next week, it will be looking like a proper building and will have the big vinyl prints of the artists’ works attached to the outside walls.

The other exciting development is that we have a dozen applications to use the space and we are now going through the process to sort out a schedule.

With the structure in place and nearing completion, it is time to think about the landscaping.



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