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13 Dec 2012

We have the Code of Compliance. It is a great step forward and we are delighted that our little corner of the red zone is now reclaimed for the people of Christchurch. Please come and check us out.

At the end of this busy year it is amazing to look back on the project. It has always been about hope – not just about buildings. It has been about rejuvenating the central city as well as providing good reasons for our young people, particularly those involved in the creative arts, to stay in Christchurch. The architectural design of Artbox itself is also part of that – it is definitely not a standard design but something to fire the imagination.

And it is happening – our first exhibition is due to be opened in January. Our sincere thanks to those who shared our dream – the CPIT Foundation and the other generous private and business partners who helped bring it to life. We are continuing to look for new ways to keep up the momentum.

In the meantime, we are now going through the final costings for the next building and will start its production in the New Year. It is planned to have it on the site in late March or early April.

This will be the last blog for 2012, so I would like to wish all of you the best for the Christmas season. Thanks to everyone who has been involved, for the support and the patience this year and a huge thank-you for sharing our vision.



30 Mar 2013 1:27pm Hi,The photo of the Cathedral looks to me like it was taken late 1950s. Judging by the clothes on pepole and the bus. I was born in Christchurch and have fond memories of visiting the Cathedral, putting a present under the very large Christmas tree in the Cathedral. My father was a choir boy there, around 1920.Margaret.

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