Artbox opening day tantilisingly close

04 Dec 2012

Open Day is so close, we can almost taste it! This week the Christchurch City Council is coming in for the final inspection before granting our first Code of Compliance. Once we have that, the fences can come down, and a little corner of the red zone will be reclaimed for the public.

Our first use of the space will be a profile of ArtBox itself – the people who designed it and those who’ve helped make it happen. Our first artist should be exhibiting in January.

The only minor hurdle we’ve yet to overcome is the power connection. That’s yet to happen, but once we get electricity, the lights will go on and it will be all go.

Our working bee on Saturday was very productive, and we now have a newly laid path leading from the street to ArtBox, and some landscaping of the outside space.

Feedback from those at the working bee last weekend was very positive. Many commented on what we’re calling the “tardis effect” of the L-Pavilion. It’s a small building – roughly 23 square metres - and it looks small from the outside, yet once you step inside, it is surprisingly spacious. It gives an indication of just how exciting and dramatic the design is – something the Mayor, Bob Parker commented on when he joined the bee to see how things were coming along. Thanks everyone for a great result!


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