Two invitations this week

23 Nov 2012

We want to extend two invitations this week. The first is for artists to submit their work for the exterior exhibition spaces on the new buildings.

We now have five artworks on large vinyl banners up and looking wonderful. The next building will have space for 17 and when the site is fully operational there will be about 50 works on show.

All submissions are welcome and we will have a jury panel to choose the ones we think will work best together. The banners will change every three - four months.

We would also like to invite you to our thank-you barbecue on Saturday, December 1 at 1pm. It is a chance for us to show off the work we’ve been doing on the site to as many people as possible. We want the people of Christchurch involved in this exciting creative project.

The barbecue follows a working bee to pave the site. Don’t worry, you don’t have to work for your lunch as we already have a good number of helpers for the working bee. However, we would still be grateful for more willing hands. I hope you will join us.



31 Mar 2013 1:17am The me from a year or so back would have definitely spnurg for the LEs, but these days I'm a bit more tight-fisted. Just the regular editions for me, thanks, and TRSI is due to have a Bandai sale sometime between now and the Promised Day, so I won't be preordering just yet.I like how RACS lists the genre as Comedy/Supernatural

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