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11 Jul 2012

A lot of work has been going on at the site this week with contractors trenching and installing the cable components for services and stormwater.

No-one was sure what they would find under the ground until they started digging. What was revealed was the fully intact basement of the original building with concrete walls one and a half feet thick! So we had to change the foundation plan a little, which means the first ArtBox frame is now bolted on to the original buildings’ foundations.

The second frame arrived on Wednesday and work has begun assembling the pavilion. By Tuesday next week, we expect to have all the walls up and have our fingers crossed that the services will be on by the end of the week which means we can open for business very soon after that.

ArtBox gives us both an internal and external gallery. We have our banners printed for the first display on the exterior walls of the L-Pavilion (see post below) and they should be up by the end of the week. We are keen for this to be an integral exhibition space for local artists so we want to hear from you if you’d be prepared to offer us work that could be displayed on the next ArtBox panels. There is no cost to you for this either. We have built aSubmit Work page on the website and would love to see work which will help make this vibrant vision a reality.

The activity on the site is creating a lot of interest from passersby. People are stopping and looking and wondering what is happening. There is a lot of other development going on around us turning the area into a nice little hub. Our neighbours include the inflatable rugby ball from the Rugby World Cup which has been turned into a bar called the Town Ball, The St Asaph St Kitchen, C1 and C4, Winnie Bagoes is on its way and of course EPIC, the IT hub, is opposite our site within the Innovation Precinct.

So the countdown to construction completion begins. Can’t wait!



30 Mar 2013 10:52am V true Michael. Some of my colleagues from the Uni Otago Christchurch caumps are located out at Lincoln, others in Canterbury Scientific, as well as Uni Canterbury (100% of the scientists of Uni Otago have been displaced!). We are all very grateful for the way our colleagues from other institutions have supported us.On the repair front our building with the labs in (the 8-story building in front of the hospital with Research Saves Lives painted on the large window) is on track to begin reoccupation later this year. Hopefully, we will all be in by Feb 2013. The Uni of Otago has also approved the building of a long awaited second building (with labs) the eta for that is currently August 2016.I hear CPIT and Uni Canterbury are interested in joining us with facilities in the health precinct that would be great, I hope the powers that be give the tertiary institutions first dibs at locations near the hospital because the teaching of students and research there is vital.

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