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  • Below are 'industry standard' skills and behaviours we expect our interns to exhibit. Please read the category descriptors carefully. Think of them as basic requirements expected from people who work in the broadcasting industry, and please assess with these standards in mind. Select the one descriptor in each row that most closely matches your assessment. Please add specific comments (with examples to illustrate if appropriate) to justify each assessment.

    NOTE: The first six categories are equally weighted for the purposes of calculating the grade. Category G is worth double.

A. Reliability and Accountability

Standard required: Turns up, prepared and on time. Is organised, and meets team and self-imposed deadlines. Can be relied upon to deliver. Always takes responsibility, will listen to instructions, follow directions, and accepts and acts on constructive criticism. Follows the defined operational systems and procedures.

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B. Team learning

Standard required: Openly and freely shares ideas, skills and knowledge with others in the team. Assists others but also not afraid to ask for help or admit mistakes. Takes on a fair share of the workload. Does not disrupt or undermine other people.

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C. Communication

Standard required: Uses effective communication when speaking and listening to others. Behaviour and language is appropriate to the situation. Communication is clear, thoughtful and decisive.

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D. Craft skills

Standard required: This person is skilled and talented in this role. Is creative, an original thinker, shows initiative, demonstrates technical capability, works fast and accurately, and has a solid work ethic. Shows real potential.

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E. Motivation and Dedication to the Job

Standard required: This person is passionate about the role and does whatever is required to get the job done to an acceptable standard. Is committed. Always endeavours to do the best work.

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F. Attitude and Personal Conduct

Standard required: Displays honesty and integrity. Makes sure that personal issues do not encroach into the workplace. Has a friendly, positive outlook and shows respect when dealing with peers, supervisors and clients/contacts. This person is well liked.

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G. Overall Suitability (double-weighted)

Standard required: Knowledgeable and skilled to a level which could see this person operating full-time as a credible colleague in a professional broadcasting environment. This person would be an asset in a broadcasting organisation.

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