Tara Walsh

Tara Walsh

There was never any doubt in Tara Walsh's mind what career path she would take. "Music is my absolute passion. To me, there was no question that's what I would do, even though people try to talk you out of the arts."

Currently based in Melbourne, Tara is living her dream, working as a professional songwriter and recording artist and attracting the attention of some of the most influential people in the music industry.

Tara took her first step towards becoming a professional musician by studying the Bachelor of Music Arts at Ara and says it was the perfect foundation for working in music. "It was one of the most challenging thing's I've ever done but it showed me the determination, passion and drive needed to be a professional musician. It pushes you beyond what you think you're capable of and that's what you need to make it in the arts."

Tara's tutors at Ara included successful singer/songwriters L A Mitchell and Toni Randall, who she describes as "fantastic performers". As part of her programme, Tara and three classmates visited New York where they experienced the city's vibrant jazz scene and attended classes at the Manhattan School of Music.

After graduating Tara moved to Melbourne. While street performing in the city one day she attracted the attention of Polo Cummings, a member of American acapella group Naturally 7 who were touring with Michael Bublé. "He really liked my singing so I was flown over to Sydney for a couple of days and we recorded a demo of 'Medication'. Polo gave it to his manager Helmut Fest in Europe who took a shine to it and the rest is history."

Helmut, a veteran EMI executive, flew Tara to New York, Stockholm and Oslo to write songs for BMG Chrysalis and indie label Waterfall Music. She worked with many different writers, including Eurovision song writing winners The Family, and says the writing process was "intensive".

With a string of recordings and collaborations under her belt, Tara is clear in her goals.  "I want to continuously evolve my performance, writing and vision, and continue to write for other people. I'm lucky to have made great contacts in the industry – people I want to continue to learn from to grow as an artist."