High-school teacher resources

Photo of  two people Aalysing data near a satellite dish.

Academic partnerships with schools

Would you like to make your technology and physics curriculum even more exciting?

Ara's research has shown that students are forming perceptions of subjects very early on in their school careers. Research has also shown that students have misconceptions about engineering as a career.

To help shift the perceptions and stimulate interest in mathematics and technology, Ara is offering academic assistance to schools by assisting school teachers with guest lectures and mentoring for technology projects.

Teachers can contact us and let us know what topic they would like assistance with. Best of all we can provide this support at individual schools, so there is no transport or permission slip hassles.

STAR courses

STAR courses are special courses tailored to the needs of schools and students.

Star courses have proved to be popular and Ara runs regular courses in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and can run courses in Electronics on demand:

  • Courses typically run for three days.
  • School students attend lectures, demos and complete practical assessment tasks.
  • If possible the courses are assessed and the students gain unit standard credits.
  • Courses are delivered at Ara and a fee is payable.
  • If you are a high school teacher you are welcome to sit in on the lectures or classes.

Contact the STAR coordinator for more details on 03 940 8238.

Guest lecture opportunities

For a change of pace in the classroom and an authoritative perspective on technology, Ara can provide you with a guest lecturer.

A typical guest lecture might involve one of our engineers giving a 20-30 minute talk to students, with a possible demonstration. Areas of expertise include:

  • Civil engineering;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Electronic engineering;
  • Computer networking;
  • Computer Aided design; and
  • Design and construction engineering.

The lectures are provided free of charge in the Christchurch area.

For further information contact 03 940 8586 or email info@ara.ac.nz